Healing Happens

It is a scientific fact that regular exercise literally makes you more intelligent (not to mention healthier, sexier). Feeling good about yourself begins on a deep cellular level, and there is no other way to reach every cell without some form of physical exercise, I am a yoga practitioner and teacher, so encourage this practice however doing what you love to do is the healthiest thing to do, that way you will want to practice regularly.

Good nutrition is so so important, for it gives you the vital energy needed for the body to respond well to your efforts at exercise.. Keep it simple, lots of organic fruits and veg and no overly processed (white) food.

Meditation will improve your general cognition, help re-build neuro-connectivity in the brain and prevent degeneration, also in this age of overwhelming multi-media information and interruptions to your personal flow it will help you keep your attention  to accomplishing your daily plan. Removing temptations by switching off communication during your valued work/personal time is also healthful. Sometimes you might need to physically separate yourself from the distraction.  Most of all, you need to manage your mind. Exercising mindfulness takes some meditative power. Practicing some form of meditation is the only way of maintaining control over those influences that seek to overtake your mind and your energy.

An idle body accumulates stagnant energy in the mind and actually begins to slow your thinking processes down. It is time to re-establish your physical relationship to the physical world with regular exercise and time with each other, less screen time.

Though it can be extremely hard to break old habits of idleness and poor meal preparation, it is essential that we at least acknowledge that this is an area that needs our urgent attention.