Healing Happens

Remedial Holistic Massage

Uses a base oil to manipulate the soft tissue and muscles of the Body. This Massage can be given Lightly to help with Lymphatic Drainage and deep relaxation or with  the use of Deep tissue techniques for those who Practice sports or simply have muscle tightness which requires release. The head hands and feet are always included leaveing the person feeling very nurtured.

 Holistic simply means whole.

Thai Massage

 An ancient Healing art, mixing gentle stretches with accupressure along energy pathways, this style of massage improves flexibility, rebalances and energises the whole body, removes toxins and facilitates the bodies natural capacity to heal.. 

Thai Massage

Healthy spine. Healthy body


Decreased Stress

Increased Energy

Improved Circulation

 Relief from Pain

Restored Vitality 

Lymphatic Drainage

Relief from many common ailments

Improves sleep.

Supportive in early stages diet and withdrawal from habitually used substances..