Healing Happens

"May we look at the world,

not with our two eyes,

but with the one eye

of the heart."



My name is Julie and I offer professional  therapeutic treatments.

Holistic  Massage, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage and Deep tissue Massage. (watch those sports injuries ease and release).   Massage is a perfect elixir for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body and mind. My treatments are  tailored to individual needs and adapted to the modern ways 'we' live.

A valuable tool, Massage I believe helps you recover your energy, get back into yourself and move from your heart/being as well as all the wonderful benefits to your physicality.

Every  treatment is different and I always give 100%, Intuitively weaving a magical mix of all I have studied over the last 22 years.

I am also a Person Centred Counsellor which informs my work and life. 

On the counseling page of this site you can find a connection to me through Scype, lotusink is the scype name. and it is by donation so no one goes unheard.


Then there is Yoga, where my devotion to right living began and continues.  Although the learning of this practice requires a teacher, it is then your own way to heal yourself. Yoga practice requires only this tool of the body.

Y ommmmmmmm Y

I have started a wordpress blog, I invite discussion and exploration, some posts are well considered, others are more the emotion of the moment..    Injoy